5 Important Reasons Fresh Graduates Need to Have a Credit Card

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Managing finance is not always an easy job, especially for you fresh graduates who are just entering the workforce. Managing expenses often presents challenges for young workers. Various needs must be met properly and of course must be in accordance with the income they have. To be more practical, using a credit card can be the right choice. Besides being easy, you will also get many other benefits when using this financial product.

Credit cards become one of the financial products that you need to have, even if you are new to work and are still in the process of learning to manage your finances independently. Not always synonymous with waste, this one transaction tool can actually help you control finances well and sparingly. As long as it is used wisely and to meet the right needs, of course, credit cards provide positive financial benefits.


1. Quite Easy Filing Process

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As a banking product that is in demand by many people, credit cards have a number of fairly stringent rules, including the conditions for submission. Status of permanent employees and also a minimum working period of 1-2 years into 2 points that can not be negotiable.

But this is no longer a problem, if you want to apply for a credit card now. Currently a number of banks have offered more friendly and easy to apply requirements for prospective credit card users, where you do not need to meet the two points above when applying for your first credit card.

Some banks allow you to apply for a credit card, even though you have not been a permanent employee with a long service period, especially if you find yourself working in a well-known company.


2. Get a variety of attractive offers

Savings shopping is one of the important things you need to do to reduce expenses in the early days of work, and credit cards can provide all of this completely. You can enjoy various attractive offers offered by credit cards, ranging from discount programs to promos at the best selection of merchants.

Not only for shopping needs, in general, credit cards also have a variety of other beneficial offers, such as: cheap tickets, low-cost trips, cash back, and others. To add more profit, you can also collect rewards points for every purchase you make, which later on these points you can exchange for a variety of attractive prizes.


3. Learning Discipline to Manage Finances

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Not only used continuously, a credit card will also burden you a number of bills, according to your usage every month. You must pay this bill according to the time set by the bank.

If not, you will certainly be charged a number of fines and additional interest fees. This means you have to be disciplined and get used to using and paying bills on time. This will make you learn well to be always disciplined in managing finances.


4. Have a Strict and Organized Financial Plan

Credit cards can help you meet various monthly needs well at once, without the need to make repeated purchases. This financial product you can use to shop for basic needs first, even if you do not have enough money for it.

Furthermore, you only need to pay the bills on time, so that there are no fines and interest. This will help you create a more stringent and organized financial plan, where your expenses can be suppressed and your various needs are met properly.


5. Build a Good Credit History

5. Build a Good Credit History

Although you have just worked and do not yet have many needs related to banking services, but you also need to build a good credit history in the eyes of the banking system from now on.

This is important, to anticipate if at any time in the future you need banking services, such as applying for mortgages and others. Credit cards can help you build this banking history, especially if you always use this product properly and with discipline.


Use wisely

There are many benefits that you can get from this one product, one of which can make financial conditions better. This can be realized if you use a credit card wisely, from prioritizing needs to making bill payments on time.

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