Conditions for Submitting Credit Cards for Housewives

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Most credit card holders today are dominated by entrepreneurs and employees. This is reasonable because the requirements to apply for a credit card are easily obtained by entrepreneurs and employees. The requirements for applying for credit cards include photocopies of Identity Cards (KTP), photocopies of savings accounts for the past 3 months, photocopies of NPWP and salary slips for employees, and photocopies of SIUP, TDP for entrepreneurs.

Yet without realizing it, Lite Lenders will be greatly helped by a credit card. Because the Lite Lenders is tasked with doing routine shopping and managing family expenses. But that does not mean Lite Lenders has no chance at all to have a credit card.

In addition to additional credit cards, Lite Lenders is still possible to get a major credit card if it is able to meet the requirements for submitting a credit card provided by the bank. Indeed, not all banks provide this opportunity, but it never hurts to try. The following are the requirements that you must have:


1. Have a Deposited Balance

1. Have a Deposited Balance

As an Lite Lenders (housewife) today, you can apply for a credit card if you have a balance in the savings that settles in the account. The amount of the deposit balance that you must have depends on the bank. But certainly you must have a savings balance settles up to several million to be allowed to make a credit card.

Even so, those of you who currently have a deposit of tens of millions of savings are certainly easier to accept because banks can trust more. That is because Lite Lenders who have greater savings certainly have a higher possibility of being able to pay bills every month. In addition, the savings balance can help if there are problems with credit card installments.


2. Having an active cash flow

2. Having an active cash flow

The purpose of cash flow here is almost the same as financial flows. Banks usually require Lite Lenders who apply for a credit card to have an active cash flow. The bank knows the cash flow by checking the account you have.

The account will be considered active or alive if there is a transaction process that is quite frequent. Transaction activity in your account is not only an income but also an expense transaction. So to try to make a credit card, Lite Lenders must have a fairly large settled account balance and transactions that are often done.

The reason the bank prefers active customers to do transactions is because credit cards will later be given for use. Credit cards will be considered less useful if given to Lite Lenders who rarely make transactions. Credit cards will be more useful if given by Lite Lenders who is actively conducting transactions.

Transactions made by credit card customers actively can also benefit the bank. But most Lite Lenders are quite active doing transactions because they have to buy monthly needs. You can try applying for a credit card if you have a sedimentary balance and an active account.


3. Have a Deposit Account

Deposit Account

Deposit accounts are a type of account that not everyone has. But if you have it, it can be used for credit card applications. Deposits are a type of long-term savings owned by someone.

The owner of the deposit account cannot take the savings if it has not met the agreed time. Usually, this nominal deposit is quite large because it is used as a long-term savings account. Submission of credit card making by Lite Lenders who has deposits will usually be easier to be approved.

Because the deposit can be a guarantee, especially for the type of secured credit card. The credit card application process is also not as difficult as a regular credit card. Unlike a regular credit card, in the process of filing a secured credit card you do not need to prepare requirements such as NPWP, SPT, KTP, or salary slip.

If the credit card owner has problems with the bill such as being unable to pay the bill, the bank will automatically take it from your guarantee deposit. Therefore, the secured credit card limit is 80% of the total deposits you have.


It Can Still Have a Credit Card

Credit Card

Lite Lenders can still apply for credit card making by fulfilling the three conditions above. You can directly register to the bank, online, or through a marketing team. But because you make a special submission, it would be better if you come directly to the bank. The opportunity to apply is accepted will be greater if you apply for a credit card at the same bank as the account you have.

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