Have a Credit Card? Check out the info about ‘Cashback’ and Promos

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Credit cards are financial products that always facilitate our financial transactions. Many people end up choosing to use a credit card because it feels to provide benefits.

The benefits offered by various credit cards, ranging from ease of transaction, promos offered through price discounts and cashback (cash back), and much more, so it saves money even more.

Even the various promos when accumulated, the value can reach millions of dollars. Cashback rewards that you get from shopping can be collected into special funds, which can later be used as investment funds.


Pay attention to the Cashback Promo that is being offered

How to Choose a Cashback Credit Card

One of the advantages we can get when using a credit card is to get cashback. If you have a credit card that turns out to often offer cashback promos, then you are among the customers who really benefit.

And the cashback offered is generally in the form of a bill cut the following month. You can collect cashback to buy the products needed.


How to Choose a Cashback Credit Card

Promos offered by credit cards are quite diverse, and almost everything is tempting. There will be various attractive promos regarding cashback from card issuing banks. So as not to be confused choosing the promo, use the financial product comparison portal. That way, you can choose cashback promos wisely and according to your needs.


Choose a Credit Card with the Largest Cashback Promo

Choose a Credit Card with the Largest Cashback Promo

If you’ve read the literature about suitable financial products, then find a credit card that can provide the biggest cashback promos. The greater the cashback, the more we will get to.

For example, cashback has been offered by Kris Selion, where the cashback offered is not half-hearted, up to 20%. While some other credit cards generally only give cashback around 0.5% – 5% or more. Which is more profitable?

Or, you also use cashback from the Good Lenders Platinum credit card because it offers a cashback of up to 25% which is valid at restaurants, supermarkets, and online transactions at merchants who collaborate with a maximum value of $ 100,000 / month for 12 months.


Pay attention to Credit Card Cashback Limit

Did you know that credit cards also have certain limits for cashback promos. Not all credit cards can provide cashback several times within a month. Well, such ashback can also only be obtained when making certain transactions and not all merchants as well.

Keep in mind, sometimes getting the cashback can only be taken in some time to come, it is also possible in the following months after spending transactions.


Adjust Promo with Lifestyle

credit loans

Promotions offered by credit cards every month are diverse. However, of course the promos offered are not as long as everything is tried. We need to adjust to lifestyle and needs.

If we are not too fond of exchanging smartphones, why should we also choose attractive promos offered for mobile phone purchases. So, do not be easily tempted too, which actually does not provide more benefits for ourselves.


Don’t Make a Cashback Promo for a Fine Reserve

Cashback should not be used to pay your credit card bills. If there is a penalty, then the cashback will be deducted in cash. If you plan to save or invest, you should collect the cashback money used for both.


Pay Attention to the Shopping Trap Only Because of Cashback

Wisely Using and Maximizing the Benefits of Credit Card Cashback

Various promo offers are tempting. Profitable, at the same time there is a risk behind it. The real risk is only because of chasing cashback, but instead the spending becomes unmanageable.

All items that offer cashback are purchased, even if the product is not needed. Instead of saving, it actually accumulates higher debt and is not in accordance with the ideal percentage of debt to income. Cashback does have to be utilized to its full potential, but make sure it is only for certain purposes and really the product is needed.


Wisely Using and Maximizing the Benefits of Credit Card Cashback

Being able to get cashback on every credit card transaction is indeed beneficial. But of course it is more profitable if we can pay close attention to the use of credit cards not only to hunt for cashback, but to buy the products needed at the same time to benefit from cashback promos offered.

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